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Love & Coffee

My favorite method of brewing coffee starts with freshly ground beans using my burr mill. The scent alone is enough to wake me up in the morning. From there, I either use my espresso machine or a French press to brew coffee. Either way, I always want frothed milk. So, while the beans are grinding, I pour the milk into a stainless steel pitcher and pop it into the freezer for about 5 minutes. Chilling the carafe makes sure the milk is extra cold, so it froths up nicely.

Burr Madness

I love the sound of the Burr grinder and the espresso machine and enjoy the flavor more than any other brewing method. It's a mini alarm clock going off waking me up. There's nothing like the texture of coffee ground with the Burr grinder.

Apron Strings

I like the taste delivered by a French press, but it's mostly a nostalgic moment, as it reminds me of my Mother. I can picture her in our kitchen, with her apron on, using our old coffee grinder. My love of coffee truly came through her.

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