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Show Your Team Spirit With A Flag

Just imagine your next tailgate party, your guests greeted by a New York Yankees flag, purchased via Gettysburg Flag® Works, instead of the usual MLB pennants. As your friends head around to the backyard, the scent of hamburgers and hotdogs fill the air, then their eyes land on a NY Yankees banner. Having been in 54 playoff appearances, to date, is reason enough for any Yankees fan to celebrate and show off their new flag.

Fan Loyalty

You're sure to be a hit with the neighbors by displaying your colors with a New York Yankee flag, based on stats from the newsroom at the United States Census Bureau; millions eagerly await opening season every year.

Authentic Pride

You can put your mind at ease and check to make sure your NY Yankees banner, has the actual design shown on Major League Baseball official site. While visiting the website, you can check their schedule for the current season, analyze their stats and scores or purchase individual game tickets. It's also where you can find the most up to date lineups and game times, as those are always subject to change.

Display Options

Any of the flags can have the option to be mounted in-ground, post or wall-mounted, like traditional MLB pennants. No matter how you decide to display your New York Yankees flag, rest assured,, Gettysburg Flag® Works has everything you need to hang your flag with pride.

Flagpole Choices

In-ground flagpoles are made with either aluminum or fiberglass to accommodate different weather conditions and can be custom ordered. Just contact them through the website for a quote. They even have special flagpoles for displaying indoors, where you can feature a more decorative pole that can be appreciated up close. Also available are flagpoles of a lighter weight for carrying in a parade or at the local fair. If you're going for a dramatic attention-grabbing display in your yard, their white Superflex telescoping flagpole sways elegantly in the breeze.

Mounting Hardware

Whether your New York Yankees flag, is for commercial or residential, Gettysburg Flag® Works has the hardware you'll need. No reason to head out to your local home improvement or hardware store when your flag arrives. You can be sure you’ll have everything you need already in the box. The website even offers things that you would never think of, like anti-theft flagpole hardware. You can also customize your flagpole with unique finials to go on the top of the pole or special lighting to highlight the flag at night. There is even hardware to mount a flag on a car, bike or boat.

Wrapping It Up

In conclusion, there are some essential items available on the site that will complete your purchase, such as sunblock that you can spray on your flag, a carrying case so you can take it down to the beach and flame-retardant coating in case it gets too close to a campfire. They want to make sure you know exactly how to take care of your new NY Yankees banner, so it lasts a long time. Be sure to check out their blog with additional tips and ideas. They even have supplies to make flags, whether it’s for your hobby or creating something unique for a special event. Gettysburg Flag® Works will be your one-stop-shop for all your flag flying projects. 

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